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An Alternative to SharePoint

The launch of Google Sites may mean stiff competition for Microsoft's SharePoint. MPOW uses SharePoint 2007 and I have been less than satisfied with its performance. Here's the link to today's news.


I liked SharePoint better before we actually started using it. We're now commenting on a long document, and it's such a ghastly poor interface. If you've worked with any social software, SharePoint is excruciating.

Although we’re biased, we’d suggest Projectspaces as another good Sharepoint alternative for groups that have less sophisticated users who just need a basic collaboration feature set. ProjectSpaces doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as some of the other tools, but it does what it does extremely well in an intuitive way. It’s also lightweight and fast. It’s not wiki-based, which is a good thing for some groups who need more structure.

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