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Shame on Apple!!

My Apple iPod is just eleven months old and it, like many other iPods, will not play iTunes rental movies. Read more here.


Loathe as I am to defend them, I am 100% convinced this is the analog hole, as they point out in that article. In order to sell you a temporary license, they have to make sure the content they spent so much time negotiating with studios for will not leak out into an orgy of grainy 480p piracy. This is a studio negotiation issue, at the end of the day.

Apple has, however, not publicized this fact, when they should have, but that really takes the Zazz out of a keynote.

Sadly, Apple has never been one to be sheepish about saying "tough luck" on an outdated product, so I wouldn't expect them to start now.

Sadly, a byproduct of the innovation that we all love is often obsolescence.

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