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Some Orders That the Boss Should Heed

Take a look at Some Orders That the Boss Should Heed by Lisa Belkin in today's NY Times:

Today’s workers no longer climb a corporate ladder so much as navigate a corporate lattice — sometimes going sideways, or even a few steps down, she wrote. Because zigging and zagging is now the norm, Deloitte is on a crusade to treat it as such, and the first step, she said, is for those at the top to be open about their nonlinear journeys.

That is why Ms. Benko would encourage all corporate leaders to be compulsively transparent in 2008. Rather than pretending that work is always first priority, “the boss should be the first to say, ‘I’m not going to make that meeting because my newest grandchild is in town,’” she said...

Often, she wrote in an e-mail message, a boss is a night owl, dashing off notes at 3 a.m., and sending the message that employees should answer at all hours. “I don’t want to send any kind of overt or covert message that others should be ready to receive e-mail whenever I care to send it,” she wrote of her own workplace. “Frankly, I don’t even always want others to have that much of a window into how I spend my time — sometimes I think they conclude that I have no life (and therefore they should not have a life) because they know I sent an e-mail on a Saturday night.

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