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The MaintainIT Project

MaintainIT  Last week Helene gave me a copy of The Joy of Computing Cookbook (2MB PDF) by the MaintainIT Project. This little gem contains very helpful info on setting up time management software for customer computers, creating and locking-down computer images, and writing technology plans, among so many things. It's designed and written for small and rural libraries but the information may be helpful for larger libraries, too (though other versions of the Cookbook are planned).

The MaintainIT Project also has a blog worth checking out. 



Thanks for the kind mention of the cookbook and our project!

The heart of MaintainIT is sharing information among libraries, so that no one needs to "reinvent the wheel" for issues related to public computing.

The cookbook is published with a Creative Commons license , and we encourage folks to modify the content for their needs. The more folks who provide input, the more useful they'll become!

We'd love to hear from any public libraries willing to share tips or challenges about their experience with public computers, and how they use or adapt the cookbook. Just drop a note to maintainit AT techsoup.org

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