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Obit: TimesSelect

It simply couldn’t work, and now the New York Times has seen the writing on the wall and cancelled their TimesSelect subscription service.

We have ended TimesSelect. All of our Op-Ed and news columns are now available free of charge. Additionally, The New York Times Archive is available free back to 1987.

Two years ago the New York Times decided to hide their best and brightest behind a wall of greed, forcing loyal online readers to pay for the witty words of numerous editorial and feature writers. But the Times did not see (or refused to see) that the changing Internet marketplace was based more and more on free (read: ad driven) content.

But many people could have told them this two years ago. I was furious at the change, and wrote about it here, but I never thought the Times would drag it out for two painful years. The good news is that the Times is now publishing more blogs, more customer-driven content, in an attempt to bring the passive reader into the game with a place to voice their questions and opinions.

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