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The 8 Things Meme

Wow, both Jessica and Amy have tagged me with the "8 Things Meme" so I guess I'll need to come clean and list 8 facts/habits about myself.

1. I have trouble going to bed. Not going to sleep, but actually deciding to go to bed.

2. When I was in high school I wanted to be a member of the Glass family. I still do. I imagined sitting at the dinner table discussing art and politics and whether religion really is something god sicked on us because we had the gall to accuse him of having created something so ugly.

3. Since I was a teenager I have held Woody Allen's films in very high regard. There's something about the witty satire, angst and humor that I have always adored.

4. I often wish I had been a writer and photojournalist in 1920s and '30s Europe -- a part of that Lost Generation.

5. I don't like straws. Unless I must use it in the car I will not use a straw in my drink.

6. I abhor sweet tea. And, I live in Atlanta.

7. I never understood war re-enactments.

8. I loved Carl Sagan. I think he understood the need for openness and questioning, change and self-examination. And I think he tried, perhaps better than anyone, to open science to everyone, to make accessible and exciting that which had been opaque and difficult to understand.

Hmmmm, who should be tagged next? I'm not sure who has already been tagged (these memes can get huge) so here are my eight: John, Leslie, Chris, Veronica, Curtis, Darren, Meg, and Sylvie.