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Gmail and Tags

Is there any way to add my own tags to Gmail emails? I know I can add labels but if I could add my own tags to my emails it would make searching the archive so much easier.


Labels = tags

They are the same thing.

You can search by label in Gmail.

I disagree. Labels are just that, labels -- like on file folders. They are too difficult to add and manage as tags. Having a field for tags (just as Flickr does) would allow me to easily add multiple tags to any incoming email.

Interesting - I use the labels as tags, too. And the labels are searchable.

But I see your point about ease-of-use. It's a multi step process to add the tags, and then you get a long list, down towards the bottom of the screen.

Google either needs to claim their labels are a replacement for file folders, and make them function that way, OR make them a bit more tag-like - right now, they're sort of wallowing in that vague middle-ground between tags and folder names.

If anyone uses iPhoto, it has a similar problem - the only real way to tag photos is to add to the comments field: a multi-step process that results in difficult to manage information.

I believe that the folks at Gmail consider their labels to be tags whether we think they are or not. Personally, I'm not a big fan of their label system. I still prefer my Yahoo folders. For me it's a better way to organize information. Now if only I could make folders, and then add tags... Either way, Yahoo's mail is keyword searchable and I don't have a long list on labels or mail subject headings cluttering up my windows.

Labels has the same functionality as labels. they just require a few extra steps to "label" each email.

They can easily be searched by "label:" in the search box.

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