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Social Dictionary: WordSource

From TechCrunch comes word of this new social dictionary: 

A new online dictionary and thesaurus launches today called WordSource. It’s main benefit over sites like Dictionary.com is the fact that the site is very cleanly designed and contains no advertisements. You can also look up a word by simply adding it to the URL (so word.sc/example will pull up the definition of “example”).

The site also has a number of social features, allowing users to upload photos that are relevant to the word, add tags, rate words, etc. Seems like a bit of overkill to bolt a social network onto an online dictionary, but there you go. If they hadn’t built it, someone else probably would have.

I like their advanced search features:

Exact: planet returns an exact definition of planet
Prefix: planet* returns all words starting with planet
Suffix: *planet returns all words ending in planet
Wilds: pl!!!t returns all words starting with pl followed by any three
      letters and ending in t (exclamation mark represents any letter)
ZIP Code: 90210 returns the Beverly Hills, California listing
City: Beverly Hills, CA returns the Beverly Hills, California listing

Link to WordSource