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What Browsers Do People Use to Read My Blog?

What Browsers Do People Use to Read My Blog?
Originally uploaded by Michael Casey.


Actually, I don’t use a browser to read your blog postings. I long ago used Rmail (what a great tool!) to set up an email alert and read postings in the email portion of Outlook.

I spend hours scanning the Internet and keep Outlook open. I like the feature of periodic notifications of new messages and pop back to Outlook to read what has come in that looks especially and then go back to the Internet. I can see why Yahoo is moving away from RSS. I very seldom visit blogs or web sites proper (who needs ads?). Rmail makes it easy to keep info flowing into my email inbox. I can then forward quite easily interesting posts without having to compose my own message and insert a link. Rmail is the greatest!

Sometimes, though, in a blog posting that comes into my email inbox there is a reference to a blog I haven’t visited before. If that blog looks interesting, I visit it and set up an Rmail alert to its postings and use my Blummy button to send off to co-workers the URL of that particular post. Rmail and Blummy are the best tools around!