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Maplewood Continues

Following yesterday's news about the Maplewood Memorial library, a follow-up article in today's Times says that the Maplewood Township Committee has asked the library board not to close the library during the afternoon hours. According to the mayor, the township, which is looking into hiring security guards, will even pay for the security required to keep the library open. But according to a board member who represents the township committee, the addition of security guards is not enough to keep the library open.

Various accommodations with the local United Methodist Church and YMCA are also being considered.

What happened in Maplewood? Why did the township committee either not find out or not act until the news story broke? And, perhaps most importantly, where was the library administration in all of this?

The newspaper articles indicate that there is a great deal of community support to keep the library open and find solutions within the local community itself. A multipronged solution of security guards, local church involvement, and social and civic organization assistance all appear to be readily at hand. Yet, the library board appears to see closure as the only option.

What did the library leadership tell the board that sold them on closure? Why was community involvement never seen as the first and only solution?

Lots of questions remain in Maplewood, but it appears that a solution is at hand if only the board and the library can be sold on the idea. How ironic that the best solution appears not to be coming from within the library itself but from the community that is fighting to keep its library open.


You've nailed my central question: where the heck IS admin in all this? I'm curious.