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GCPL Emerging Technologies Team Visits PLCMC

Our Emerging Technologies Team took a roadtrip last week and shuffled off to The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County to tour some of their libraries. Helene Blowers, PLCMC's Technology Director, gave us all a wonderful tour that included their Checkit Outlet, the main library, Virtual Village, and, of course, ImaginOn. We were joined during our visit by Matt Gullett, PLCMC Emergent Technology Manager, and Kelli Czarnecki, Teen Librarian at ImaginOn. You may have read about Kelli because of the great work she's been doing on Teen Library in Second Life. We also got to have dinner with Chris Bates, Senior Library Manager, but he sat at the other end of the table so I'm not sure what he's been up to lately! Lois Kilkka, Library Services Manager for ImaginOn, gave us a truly behind-the-scenes tour of the beautiful ImaginOn complex. Even Charles Brown, PLCMC's Director of Libraries, took a few minutes from his very busy day to greet our group.

PLCMC ImaginOn 

PLCMC is doing so many excellent things, but what really stood out is how integral a part of the community they have become. So many of their services are tied to the community through partnerships and outreach efforts, and many of their services are underwritten with grants. This ability to become a part of the community, to integrate the library's mission with community organizations, has really paid dividends for PLCMC.

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful time.