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Blog Tag: 5 Things You Don't Know About Me

I've been tagged by Michael Stephens to write about "5 Things You Don't Know About Michael Casey".

I'll quote Michael here and say, If you're not interested in me (and no reason why you should be) move on now!

Okay, five things:

1. I did not set out in life to be a librarian. I went to grad school and got my master's in political science with every intention of going on to get the PhD and teach or work in DC. Oh well, life throws curve balls. I have never regretted entering librarianship and I have found many truly wonderful people in this line of work -- probably far more than I would have found in DC!

2. I lived in Moscow for most of 1997. My wife got a graduate fellowship to move to Moscow and complete her dissertation research so we moved there in the early spring of 1997 and stayed until the winter snows were falling daily. It was an incredible year and an amazing time to be in Russia.

3. I love to cook and I enjoy spending time in the kitchen with people who enjoy the same. Sharing the kitchen with someone special can be a lot of fun.

4. I enjoy very loud music on very good audio equipment. Whether it's KT Tunstall singing "Universe & U", Bono singing "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" or Bruce singing "No Surrender", I like hearing it at a very good volume.

5. I enjoy writing, not that you could tell from how active I've been lately on this blog! But I really enjoy writing (bad) fiction -- it gives me peace.

Since Michael mentioned Jake I'm going to mention Duncan. He never had his own web page like Jake but he was my best friend and I miss him.

I'm going to tag Amy Kearns, Megan Adams, Helene Blowers, Sylvie Szafranski, and Monika Bargmann. (Edit: oops, I see Helene was already tagged!)