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Wikipedia to Library 2.0: You Can Stay

"The result was keep."

I liked the final comment on the deletion page:

Agreeing here with many of the above arguments to keep; although the term causes my teeth to grind, it is all over the relevant literature and a recurring topic at conferences and mini-conferences alike. This article provides valuable access points for those (such as MLS students or trustees) wishing to understand current library technical jargon. Granted it is a neologism, but it is also a key term for understanding the current debate about technological integration and innovations in the field of library and information sciences and, indeed, within libraries themselves. Many of the articles cited above by the contributors to this discussion will confirm. Disturbingly, I heard someone throw out the term "Library 3.0" the other day, so I'm sure we will eventually argue about deleting that future article as well! :P

I must say, I'm glad Wikipedia chose to retain the entry.