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Berry On "The Google Divide"

Today, like yesterday, the frustration camps out in every kind of workplace in our field: from the faculty of LIS programs where tenured traditionals hold off the digital drive from the new Library 2.0 students to the smallest public libraries where young digital innovators try to bring change to a staff and public who still view the role and purpose of the library and librarians much as Dewey did when he first called it a profession. It was there when Jim Welbourne rallied library school students to a Congress for Change in the mid-Sixties. It was there when Pat Schuman and a band of young librarians convinced the American Library Association to oppose the Vietnam War. It was even there when the young Charlie Robinson first shouted, “Give ’em what they want,” and when Fred Kilgour and Hugh Atkinson made shared cataloging a reality with their new OCLC.

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