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A Look Inside The Entertainment Life Of 12-24 Year Olds

Stephen Abram references an excellent study done by the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg on the electronic life of teens and young adults. You can read the full 25 page PDF file here.

Some of the things I found interesting:

"No more than 10% of each age group (12-17 and 18-24) thought there were too many entertainment choices."

"Females were much more likely to do multiple things [multitasking] than males."

"Nearly three out of five girls between the ages of 15 and 17 reported doing at least one other thing while doing homework, along with 54% of boys that age."

"Only 46% of younger teens and 36% of teens 15 to 17 focus on their homework...Music was by far the most popular homework accompaniment."

"Only 26% [of computer using teens] said they work and surf unsupervised."

IM use is almost equal to email use in the 12-17 age group.

"Social networking websites such as MySpace.com are very popular...just under half of girls and 43% of boys reported visiting such sites, joined by 56% of young women and 41% of men. The older adults were less likely to spend time on social sites -- 66% of men over 21 said they do not visit such sites, along with 52% of women."

"Fifteen percent of girls 12-14 who visit such [social networking] sites said they spend more than four hours a day doing so."

Thanks to Stephen for bringing this to my attention.