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User-created Content and Online Collaberation

Content created by users.  It’s not a new idea in the Web 2.0 world but it is still very new to many organizations, and this week’s Business Week has two interesting articles on organizations that are making significant steps towards user-created content.

The first article, “Smells Like Teen Progress”, looks at how Condé Nast Publications is about to launch a website for teen girls whose content will be primarily created by its users.  “It may be premature to call this the dawn of Digital Magazine 2.0, but at least in some quarters Digital Magazine 1.5 isn’t wholly far-fetched.”

The other article, “O Click Al Ye Faithful” (BW really is good at article titles), looks at Sister Judith Zoebelein, a former resident of Long Island and now the Vatican’s editorial director of the Internet Office of the Holy See. Sister Judith is making it her goal to create a MySpace-like website for Catholics to interact.  “Collaboration is the key…people will be able to find each other and work together online, and then go back and use what they have learned or done in their own communities”.

[At this time, both articles are subscriber-only. Links will be posted as the articles become available.]