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"The Stream Has, In Fact, Moved On"

ALA TechSource has another excellent piece titled On Change, Library 2.0, and ALA written by Michael Stephens.

My favorite part is Mary Ghikas' email response to a question posed by Michael Stephens.  Stephens, as part of a discussion about the introduction of computing technology into libraries in the late 1960s, asked, “If you knew the term [Library 2.0] and understood the meme, would you have called that 'Library 2.0' back then?”  Part of Mary's response:

So, on reflection my answer to your serious question is "no, not really." It's also rather like my reaction to people who ask me if I like Chicago more than LA or more than DC or..... Each place is its own; each time is its own. You take places and times on their own terms. We all have "been there, done that" reactions and necessarily so, since I think that's an important part of the pattern recognition that lets us function effectively. On the other hand, most of the time "there" and "that" are not really exactly the same. The stream has, in fact, moved on.

Go to the entire piece and read it