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Come To Our UnPresentation

On Monday I’ll be traveling to Washington DC for the annual Computers In Libraries conference at the Washington Hilton. I hope to be blogging on several of the conference sessions, and discussing what sort of great ideas – take-aways, if you will – I receive from the presentations.

I, too, will be presenting with my co-worker, Chris Hall, on Wednesday at 1:45PM (Session D103 — New Technology Challenges & Successes). I was contacted just a month ago yesterday and asked if I would want to throw together a presentation for that time slot. While I cannot guarantee polish or pizzazz, I do invite everyone to come to our discussion and participate. Chris and I will be looking at four primary technologies (RFID, WiFi, Weblogs, and Wikis) and how they can be utilized in our newest library. In other words, what do each of these four individual technologies allow us to do right now for our staff and customers, and what role can they play in our streamlined, high customer service environment.

We also want to discuss what sort of future benefits these four technologies will be able to provide when they are used in conjunction with each other, or with other, existing, library services. This is where the idea of APIs and mash-ups comes into play.

We don’t plan on having a “techie” talk, and we want to try to “unconference” this discussion as much as possible. So, if you’re interested in talking about how RFID, WiFi, Weblogs, and Wikis are all contributing to greater efficiency and effectiveness in library customer service, please stop by on Wednesday and participate. We promise, we’ll only have a few PowerPoint slides!