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Your Office Is Now Online

Thanks to a post by Richard MacManus over on Web 2.0 Explorer I found this white paper by Rod Boothby. He takes a very thorough and interesting look at the coming web office applications and the role they will play in business. One of my favorite quotes comes early in the paper when he is discussing the abilities of new business school grads:

The average MBA graduates in 2006 are not just knowledge workers. They are capable of being highly networked internal entrepreneurs and innovation creators. Their ability to connect is not just about email, BlackBerries, text messages and voice-mails. They are intimately familiar with all those tools, but ultimately, expertise with those one-to-one connectivity tools is just the price of admission.

What makes these new graduates so effective is their ability to work efficiently with large virtual teams and their amazing ability to maximize the power of their personal networks.

His conclusions regarding web office applications are also very interesting and worth highlighting:

There are five reasons why any senior executive needs to start thinking about Web Office now:

  1. Web Office technology will make partnering and out-sourcing more efficient by creating a platform that can seamlessly support virtual ad-hoc teams. Thus, it will quickly reduce your costs.
  2. If you have any competitors using Web Office technology, they are going to have a significant productivity lead over you. Web Office will be as big and important as email, and you wouldn’t imagine running a business today without email.
  3. Your new hires are already using this technology. The MBA class of 2006 has lived and breathed the web since they were in high school. If you don’t provide company endorsed solutions, they will end up using tools that are available on the open Internet until you do.
  4. Most importantly, Web Office will help you to increase the pace of innovation within your organization. As I explained in my last paper “Turning Knowledge Workers into Innovation Creators”, constant innovation is the only business strategy capable of producing a stream of above average profits. To achieve constant innovation, senior executives need to bring everyone into the effort. Web Office is the ideal tool to help achieve that goal.
  5. Web Office is cheap. You will get a lot of bang for your buck.
So take a walk over to Innovation Creators and read Boothby's white paper.