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Talking With Talis: Introducing the Library 2.0 Gang

Back on the 31st of January I had the pleasure of taking part in a Talis Talk on Library 2.0.  The discussion included Thomas Brevik, Ken Chad, Paul Miller, Michael Stephens, T. Scott Plutchak, and Richard Wallis.  We discussed a wide range of Library 2.0 ideas, including the relevancy of the term itself.

Talis describes it best:

In the few short months since it appeared, the term has also been settled upon by many others. Some of these see it as a rallying cry in moving library services in a new and increasingly user-focussed direction. Others suggest that the claims made for Library 2.0 by its proponents are, in fact, nothing new, and that it's all just 'librarianship'. A small minority appear to worry that Library 2.0 takes the sector in unwelcome directions.

Whichever of these viewpoints is closest to your own, the appearance of the term would certainly appear to have reinvigorated discussion of the ways in which we might wish library services to portray themselves in an increasingly complex and pervasive online environment, and that must surely be no bad thing.

It was a very good conversation and I encourage everyone to take a listen.


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