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Microsoft's Cool New Street Side Live Local

Microsoft today anounced a preview of their new Street-Side imaging on Live Local. This new service takes you right down to the street level, just as if you were driving or walking down the street. The service is previewing for Seattle and San Francisco only, but should be expanding rapidly.

Here's what Microsoft said in a release:

* Today we are announcing our new street-side initiative for Windows Live Local and a Technical preview of the new street-side feature.

* The street-side initiative is a key part of our vision to deliver an immersive digital representation of the real world that enables users to know their surroundings, find what they are looking for and know how to get there.

* The new street-side feature augments the current map view, aerial view, and bird's eye view that the Windows Live Local site already has today to provide users with an even more immersive way to explore their local environment.

Take a look here.