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Library 2.0: A Discussion

I had the wonderful opportunity to take part in a SirsiDynix sponsored web seminar today with Michael Stephens, John Blyberg, and Stephen Abram. Our discussion centered on the concept of Web 2.0 and Library 2.0, but our conversation was wide ranging and touched upon many issues. Mashups and the great number of other new Web 2.0 technologies were part of our dialogue, as was a wonderful discussion of the vital role that the library plays and how best we in the profession can continue to make greater and great efforts to reach more and more customers. John Blyberg's recent post does a wonderful job explaining mashups and their potential.

One thing that I hope came through in today's SirsiDynix talk is the fact that, while mashups require a certain level of technical skill to craft, library customers will see simple-to-use tools that will allow them to easily manipulate and make use of the wealth of data that libraries provide. This easy-to-manipulate and use interface is one key in our larger effort to reach farther down that Long Tail.

But we also spoke about a lot more than mashups. Some of our discussion turned on how we can better prepare our planning and organizational structures to meet future demands. Library leadership needs to be able to respond quickly to changing customer expectations, and technology plans need to have the flexibility to change in the face of new requirements. As important as any role that technology plays, the structural changes that Library 2.0 points towards are fundamental to our success.

Many other topics were discussed, and SirsiDynix deserves praise for playing host to such an excellent conversation. The recorded discussion should be available in just a few days.