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Substitute the Phrase...

Read the quote below from this excellent post by Dion Hinchcliffe (I'm quickly becoming a fan of his) and simply replace the phrase Web 2.0 with Library 2.0. Very interesting.

Web 2.0 Will Not Peak in 2006 But the Term Will - The interesting schizophrenia we have with the term and the ideas will get resolved. Microsoft went with Live Software instead of Web 2.0 and I've heard numerous other suggestions such as Web.Better, WebWare, Web++, Next Generation of the Web, and even Web 3.0. The term has been much derided and is losing love for sure. But I see almost no one criticizing the ideas behind Web 2.0; the concepts of social software, a read/write Web, entirely Web-based software, free form shared organization, the Web as API & Platform, software as a service, collective intelligence, The Long Tail, radical decentralization and the end of individual servers, and more. These ideas are truly compelling, and more importantly, they fit together and reinforce each other elegantly. This is going to be big stuff folks, but the term may not last out the year. If the right one comes along, expect a sea change almost overnight. (continue with full post)