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Express Your Ceteris Paribus Clauses

Back on January 7, 2006, Mark Lindner, author of “…the thoughts are broken…”, wrote a very interesting piece titled “Knowledge and knowing in library and information science”.  In it he discusses a book by John M. Budd, Knowledge and Knowing in Library and Information Science: a Philosophical Framework, and very eloquently ties it in to his thinking about Library 2.0.  Mark references several posts by Meredith and myself, and in a later comment exchange we discuss what I meant when I wrote a post titled “A Dialogue on L2: The services change, the mission does not".

I really appreciated Mark’s insightful comments and open dialogue, but, with all that's been written this week, this quote really stood out:

It is amazing how much you'll find yourself in agreement with another when you take the time to expose the assumptions and express your ceteris paribus clauses.

It is thirsty and difficult work though, and is best done face-to-face and over just a few or several pints of libation--something blogs desperately lack.

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