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Decentralization and the Integrator

From MercuryTide comes a brief whitepaper on decentralization.  This is exactly what I was talking about several weeks back when I mentioned our need for an integrator.

This is from their summary, but please go read the whole document:

The web is becoming more and more important to modern life, especially in Western business. This large uptake encourages those with ideas to create exciting new ways to use the web. These ideas are those that important web companies — such as Google, Yahoo, and more recently Microsoft — are putting their money and expertise behind.

By pulling many of the applications that stem from these ideas together it is possible to harness this evolution and use the web as a computing platform. And while the current crop can’t replace your desktop entirely, they certainly want to head in that direction. In the next year or two we will see if they can continue their success and bring a life online closer to reality.