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Writely, we need you!

Let me start by saying that I love Writely.  I’ve been using it for over two months now and it’s the best online collaborative writing tool that exists.  That being said, they need to add at least one feature to make it really useful to library customers – built-in emailing.

Writely is a wonderful tool for customers wanting to craft resumes and cover letters, but sending them to prospective employers is complicated by library OPAC security. Many library OPACs are strictly limited in their abilities and forbid saving files locally except on floppies or USB drives (though some libraries even limit this). For Writely to be really useful in these situations they need to introduce a file emailing function that allows the user to send his Writely document to an outside email address.  When the customer creates a resume all they should need to do is click on “Email this as a Word Doc” and the Writely user’s email address is appended to the outgoing attachment, allowing all replies to go to that user’s personal email account.  Writely already does this with their customer comment form by appending my personal email address to the comment.

Writely, are you listening?


(PS: Writeboard already does this but in a more limited way -- they don't append your personal email address.)