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Talis and Library 2.0

Talis is throwing together a round-table to discuss Library 2.0. I’m not sure what to think of this, though I hope that John Blyberg is invited to be a part of their discussion.  Talis has taken a very proactive approach to this L2 discussion, publishing a white paper several weeks ago and blogging regularly about the idea.

Something I’ve been trying to stress (how successfully, I can’t say) is that Library 2.0 is not simply about technology – though L2 does take advantage of many great Web 2.0 applications.  I can understand why a large ILS vendor wants to be a part of the L2 discussion, and I look forward to hearing how they plan to make better L2 technology.  However, there are numerous service aspects of L2 not directly related to technology, so I'm not sure how involved in that part of the L2 discussion an ILS vendor can be.

Talis also seems to be planning a presentation at CIL 2006.  I look forward to sitting in on their discussion.