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Just a Personal Note

So 2006 is almost upon us, and many of my fellow thinkers are doing more creative things than I am, writing lists and making plans for next year.  Some are suffering losses I am all too familiar with, and my heart goes out to them.  I lost my best friend Duncan this past August, and while I do not want to get too personal on this blog, I miss him terribly.  This is the first holiday season in twelve years that he will not be opening presents with us.

But this coming year also has much to look forward to.  My new library will finally be opening sometime this spring, and the local community will, I hope, be very happy to see us.  I think they’re going to like the 20,000 square foot facility and the many services we’ll have on offer.

Also in the first part of the year, I’ve been invited to participate in MSN Search Champs 4 in Seattle in January, so this will be my first opportunity to see the Microsoft campus in Redmond – I’m very excited about this.  I hope it’s okay for me to mention that I’ll be taking part in a SirsiDynix Institute on February 22 – this should also be a lot of fun.  And finally for this spring, March brings my favorite conference, Computers in Libraries, in beautiful Washington DC, where I’ll get to spend some quick moments with Michael Stephens and his band of renegade librarian thinkers. As far as the rest of the year goes, we’ll just have to wait and see.

I hope everyone has a safe holiday season and a healthy and happy 2006.