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Wow! Next Gen RSS: Simple Sharing Extensions, SSE


"...two endpoints can mutually publish and subscribe to each other's RSS feed. When changes are made in one endpoint, they are propagated to the other and vice versa."
Read about it here at MSDN and at here on Dave Winer's blog, and at Ray Ozzie's place.

The best example being given now is the calendar example, where two people who have different calendars want to share data and update each other's calendar as changes are made – picture one person’s desktop Outlook and another person’s Apple.  With SSE, each person can make changes and have those changes synched with the other person’s calendar – no need for docking or exporting files or special interface software.

This from Don Dodge

I think SSE will be a really big deal. It will enable all kinds of multi-directional syndication and synchronization across many different applications.

And one more that I really like, this time from Scripting News:

We need some way to share subscriptions between different applications, between vendors -- we need an way to do that that works when the lists are small, and one that works when the lists grow large. Most important, it needs to be open, and in order to be really open it has to be simple, so that no vendor can use their large size as a way of keeping smaller competitors out of the market. We've seen that when this happens innovation stops. Let's learn from our past mistakes, and not make it so easy to dominate a market. Compatibility should never be a reason to choose one product over another. Let performance, features and price drive the market, not the obscurity of the wires connecting the apps together.