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Library 2.0 Swicki

What’s a swicki?  According to Eurekster, a swicki is a search engine that takes results from a relevant community – your community – and in the process improves the relevancy of results.  Along the way it also creates a tag cloud (they call it a “dynamic buzzcloud”) that reflects recent searches.  Here's how Eurekster describes it:

Joining the personal Web publishing phenomenon on blogs, podcasts, wikis and websites is the swicki - a next-generation search engine that gives personal and small-business Web publishers the power to design and deliver results tailored to their community's specific interests. A blend between a search engine and a wiki

How well does it work? Well, take a version for a spin.  I’ve put together a “Library 2.0” swicki that is supposed to search the library 2.0 community.  Give it a try.