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Data Collection Just For Blogs: Measure Map

I received an invite to Adaptive Path's Measure Map alpha this morning and immediately installed the little bit of java code into my MovableType indexes (very easy, by the way).  After letting it collect data for an hour or two, I jumped onto the dashboard and began looking around.  The interface is both attractive and easy to decipher – there are four large icons directing you to Visitors, Links, Comments, and Posts.  The amount of data given is amazing.  It tells you how many individual posts received visitors, and it breaks down your top ten posts.  It not only tells you the links that people followed getting to your site, but it also tells you the links people followed leaving your site.  To quote TechCrunch, “you can slice data almost every way imaginable.”

This svelte flash/ajax/java tool is wonderful, and it's significantly easier to use than Google’s Analytics and far more powerful than SiteMeter or many of the other site statistics apps out there when it comes to recording data for blogs.

Here's the cool looking world visitor map after an hour of collecting data:

Visitor Map 


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hello do you have a measure map invite that you want to share?