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Speak to Me, Please - Talkr and Text-to-Speech

Last week I found Talkr, a great text-to-speech service, and immediately installed their little bit of code into my Movable Type template.  At first it worked flawlessly – Talkr’s voice is by far the best of any free text-to-speech software (as I said below).  But somewhere along the way things started to go awry.  Old posts continued to work thorugh Talkr, but new posts refused to play, with Windows Media Player saying that the file extension does not match the file format.  Then some new posts seemed to work, and others did not.

Chris, at Talkr, responded to my call for help, and he’s been great at trying to debug my problems.  This is such a new service (and such a great one) that I plan on sticking it out for a while to see if we can get things nailed down.  I can easily see such a service becoming standard on most library websites, with friendly-voiced assistants reading book excerpts and library event news.

So please be patient -- I know some of the Listen to this article links are not yet working.