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Simple Can Be Beautiful

Library Stuff refers to a posting regarding the use of blogs and RSS feeds that serve as a crude yet effective content management mechanism for library websites.  Apparently, Zanesville Campus Library started using this blog to serve their website with easily updated content. If you ask me, it’s about time libraries started using free and open resources like blogs to push information to the customer.

Purchasing and maintaining a content management solution is not a viable option for many cash-strapped libraries.  But setting up in-house (behind the firewall) blogs that can serve as conduits via RSS to the library’s external website is a very low cost, effective, and easily managed option for libraries.

Setting up simple RSS feeds to the library website is only the beginning.  Giving customers the option to tailor the information they receive is another step in the long road to Library 2.0.  By creating an environment like Netvibes, where your library customers can choose from both in-house and external feeds, allows the library website to become more of a one-stop location, where customers can get their primary information and make the leap to more detailed research via the library’s catalog and database offerings.

And the step after this?  Perhaps a mashup of customer-driven content with our catalog and databases?