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Reaching Your Customers Through Audio or Video Podcasts

Podcasting requires little in the way of equipment or new technology.  Most of the equipment is simply taken from radio-station supply houses – a small digital voice recorder, one or two decent microphones with stands, an entry-level mixing board, and a computer that can take audio input and further mix it and convert it to the proper file type and size.

How could it be used?


  • Children’s story-times
  • Bilingual children’s story-times
  • Teen event announcements
  • Library event marketing
  • Author visit and event excerpts (and replays)
  • Book discussion replays
  • Library policy statements
  • Bilingual policy statements

Obviously, I think the greatest area for this would be in children’s programming – being able to push podcasts out through the library’s website may prove very popular with both individual families and daycares.   


With the addition of a simple video cam you could expand to a video service that would allow podcasting recorded puppet shows and other children’s and library events.

Michael Stephens talks about library podcasting here

Admissions podcast