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OPAC Wishlist, more

Jenny Levine of The Shifted Librarian fame suggested adding some new features to the OPAC Wishlist.  So, here is the list as it now stands:


  • Saved Bookmarks (Delicious)
  • Starred (user) ratings (Amazon)
  • User Reputations (iKarma)
  • User recommendations -- narrative (Amazon)
  • User tagging -- keywording (Flickr)
  • Saved titles (Netflix)
  • Search history (Google Toolbar)
  • Suggest to friends (Amazon)
  • Wish List (Amazon)
  • RSS Aggregator (Netvibes)
  • Contacts, Friends and Family Network (Flickr)
  • To-Do list (Backpack)
  • Note-taker / word-processor and collaborator (Writely)
  • Email with large storage capacity (Gmail)
  • Live search suggestions (Google Suggest)
  • User-modifiable web pages (GreaseMonkey scripting)